Who we are

AIRINTER 1 strives to be your partner of choice, one that meets all your needs in areas related to air transport. We offer you a unique travel experience, safely and at an affordable price with our professional and reliable service, highly qualified and strict standards of quality personnel. Discover who we are and what are the characteristics that make us one of the best airlines.

Presentation of Air Inter One

Airline Chadian law, Air Inter One is located at the Avenue Charles de Gaulle. Specializes in air transportation, the company supports all activities related to air transport (passenger, cargo, medical evacuation) for aerial work operations (application, Monitoring grid, Pipeline ...), the services and miscellaneous services ( aerospace, aircraft rental and rental sales, Import, Export). And all financial transactions, Commercial, Industrial, chattel, Property may be directly or indirectly in air transportation or in similar or related fields, such as to promote its extasions or development.

Our first objective

Our goal is to offer our customers a quality service, tailored to their needs and meet their expectations. For this, we have a fleet supplied and varied and qualified personnel.


The company filled up three services :

  • transportation by charter Charter
  • passenger transport
  • freight
  • aviation consultations

Transportation by charter Charter

The company provides tour operators complete flights to very specific dates and according to specific destinations. Unlike regular flights, charters are not scheduled in advance, which requires departure times at times a bit special. Tickets charters can only be purchased in travel agencies and are generally subject to conditions often the least restrictive (specific validity, no reduction children, unchangeable dates ...)


The aircraft used in this type of transport cargo. The cargo plane is this one which is efectue loading cargo on the main deck, which totally excludes the transportation of passengers. Unlike the passenger plane, the main aircraft hold any cargo consists of the main deck itself.


It transported by aircraft with the ability to carry very bulky goods is lower. The passenger aircraft carrying cargo as well as passengers. For this purpose cargo is loaded only in bunkers below the main deck. Load cargo bunkers is distributed in order of priority between the passenger baggage, air mail and freight.