Our services

AiRINTER 1 wants this to be a service provider leading aviation on the scene under Regional. Our commitment to safety and professionalism sets us apart from our competitors. We place a high priority on safety at all times and in all aspects of our daily activity.

1Renting a private jet

Because your trip is unique, we introduce charter jet for your application and budget solutions. We offer solutions charter aircraft from several airports in the subregion. Our passion, our experience and network of partners makes us among the best sub-regional companies, thanks to our high quality service and competitive prices.

2Transportation of Passengers and Freight

Passenger transport is performed by aircraft with a carrying capacity of very large parcels and goods is lower. The passenger aircraft carrying cargo as well as passengers. For this purpose cargo is loaded only in bunkers below the main deck. Load cargo bunkers is distributed in order of priority between the passenger baggage, air mail and freight.

Aircraft used in the transportation of goods cargo. The cargo plane is that one whose cargo loading is done on the main deck, which totally excludes passenger. Unlike the passenger plane, the main aircraft hold any cargo consists of the main deck itself.

3Emergency Medical Evacuation

Aeromedical emergency can carry your personal or your family sick in the most appropriate medical facility. Depending on your needs, we provide you with the medical transport plane and the most suitable disposal services.

Our staff specializes in air transportation coordinate 24h/24 and 7/7 demands of medical aircraft movement, whether it is a case of medical or security.

When you travel, medical evacuation emergency help to you or your family to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility that offers medical personnel or adequate facilities to treat you. The health emergency evacuation is often performed for a medical emergency or hospitalization.

4Charter commercial aircraft

If you are looking for the best airline for AIRINTER group 1 offers integral solutions and without intermediaries care of passengers, goods and humanitarian materials.

The company provides tour operators complete flights to very specific dates and according to specific destinations. Unlike regular flights, charters are not scheduled in advance, which requires departure times at times a bit special. Tickets charters can only be purchased in travel agencies and are generally subject to conditions often the least restrictive (specific validity, no reduction children, unchangeable dates ...)...